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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Free Vintage Clip Art - Alphabet Book

I found this oversized early 20th century children's book in a Medford, Oregon, USA antique store. Titled Yo Sabre Leer (I Know How to Read), it was printed in Paris, France by the printing house of Paul Dupont, published by Casa Editorial Garnier Hermanos in Paris, and rubber stamped by the R. Caminos library in San Salvador, Central America. How in the world it came to be in an antique store in Medford, Oregon, USA will forever remain a mystery!  The title page below indicates it was written Por Un Papa (by a pope!?!), according to Google translation for Spanish. The book is filled with illustrations by the French artist Robert Salles (1871-1929). There is no copyright indicated, so I must rely on the artist's death plus 70 years to put copyright expiration at the end of 1999, in accordance with French copyright law. If you have any additional information or corrections, please let me know.

 The cover is rubbed and worn, so I digitally repaired several areas of the boy's face.

I'll be posting more images from this book in the future.
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