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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Free Christmas Clip Art - Rare Santa

This old Victorian era? post card caught my eye for a couple of reasons - first, Santa's red suit is trimmed in black fur down to the tassel on his stocking cap, and second, this Santa may be African American, but the beard doesn't seem to fit. I'd love to hear from the Santa experts out there on this unusual card. 

Above is the card in actual condition for those of you who like them in their naturally distressed state. The back is divided, undated, no copyright or publisher but does have "Series No. 350 Christmas 6 designs" and "Made in USA". The stamp area is a plain rectangle shape. There is a faint linen-like texture front and back.


  1. this is a beautiful card!
    it is special in that his suit is different than what we normally see. he does look african-american...makes this even more special!
    thanks for sharing this lovely card!

  2. such a wonderfull illustration! it remindes me to my childhood. :)


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