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Monday, October 24, 2011

Monogram Monday - The Letter S

Today's Monogram Monday brings you the letter S in various styles.

The next three images come from antique books in my personal collection. They have dots, florals, and stylized feathers as backgrounds.

This last monogram is something I made in Photoshop with stock alphabet letters and a pretty draped ornament from an old typeset catalog book. I combined and altered two letters to suggest a sea creature or bird. It is a png file with a transparent background, perfect for digital layering. The jpeg version is at the top of this post. It would make a lovely transfer for home decor items.


  1. AWESOME!! I'm an S! Thanks. I may use the pumpkin one!! lol

  2. That s with the leaves is gorgeous. It's so nice to see a place where beauty is appreciated and shared.


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