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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Free Vintage Postcard - Egg Sucking Boys (I Kid You Not!)

Here is a vintage, postmarked 1907 post card featuring some barn humor. Two boys are hiding in the hay and sucking hen eggs they've gathered in straw hats, and the caption reads "And They Say the Hens don't Lay". The back of the card has a nice message and a one-cent Ben Franklin green stamp.



  1. Wonder about the "humor". It's beyond belief they don't have a tummy ache. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How funny this card is. What a great find. Hope you are doing well. Sea witch

  3. LOL! Too cute and the look on the face of the other boy is so funny!

  4. I love the shirt on the boy on the left!

  5. Those Iowa farm boys are pretty tough--eating raw eggs and living to tell about it! LOL! Great postcard.

  6. Lol! They are boys all the way.


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