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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free Vintage Photos - It's Rainin' Men (Hallelujah!)

Such a handsome young man! This image has a nice embossed border.

This young man sports a small handlebar mustache and an errant lock of hair. Upon close-up 300dpi viewing, you can see where a studio artist filled in the gap between the lock and his hairline. This photo also has a nice border.

This handsome blond man also has a handlebar mustache, a bit on the large size. The photo is very age-distressed, so some detail has been lost in his face.

A large salt and pepper goatee adorns the face of this older man. He has a civil war kind of look about him.


  1. Thank you for sharing! Who wouldn´t fall in love with one of them.
    Love, Susanne

  2. These are great photos. Thanks so much for sharing them. BTW, now I have that silly song running through my head. LOL

  3. Aaaaah, these gentlemen are fantastic! Thank you!!!!

  4. I love the frames- thanks for sharing!

  5. Do you ever wonder just WHO these people were? Did they have families? Were they bachelors? Were they bank robbers? I'm always curious about their back stories ^^

  6. I love these photographs - something I might have found in great Grandma's cherished photo book


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