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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scrolling Sidebar Widget Code

UPDATE: Though not where I found the instructions below, McLinky Blog does it far better here: 

By request, here is the html code for a scrolling sidebar widget. This is the best I can do, as I don’t remember where I found the original instructions for the scrolling sidebar. If you are running Windows 7 and IE8, you have to use "Compatibility View" to see the widget scroll properly  or is it just me? Images must be uploaded into a photo sharing program like Photobucket, which will create the direct image link. Scrolling sidebar format is shown below (click on photos for larger image):

Here is an example of the format with information inserted:

The different elements for how your marquee behaves are:

This stops the marquee from scrolling when you hover your mouse over it. You can delete this code if you don't want it to stop.

This resumes the scrolling when you move your mouse off the marquee.

This is your speed. I can't tell you what number is what speed, but 4 is approximately twice as fast as 2. You can experiment with this, but make sure it's slow enough for people to read as it zooms by.

This makes your marquee scroll endlessly. If you want it to scroll once through the list and stop, change true to false.

This scrolls everything in an upward direction. To scroll down, change the word up to down. If you want it to scroll from right to left, change the word up to left. From left to right, change it to right.

This places your marquee in the center of your space. You can change it to left or right if you want it aligned with either margin. For a marquee in the sidebar, my personal preference is to center it.

You can adjust these to fit them within your space. If the width is more than your sidebar, the images will be cut off, which doesn't look so great. If you're scrolling from side to side, you can change the width and height to fit the space you're using.

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  1. How i would love to know what you are talking about so i could get one
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