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Friday, February 19, 2010

Digital Collage Sheet - Artefacts Printables for Your Arts and Crafts

I recently purchased an antique images CD from Artefacts on Etsy, and I was delighted with the crisp, clear, 300dpi high resolution images it contained! The CD images are also available for purchase as individual sheets, with a nice discount for the purchase of 10 digital collage sheets. I found the antique graphics, photos, and ornamentals to be extremely versatile, useable on the whole and piecemeal, like I've done with the digital collage sheet below made from Artefacts CD images and parts of freebies from his blog, Artefacts-Antique Images.  I added texture and shadows with Photoshop Elements, but this could easily be done with inks and pastels if you are a print/cut/paste/layer type of collage maker.
Gary Grayson, the artist behind Artefacts, is a Vietnam veteran and acclaimed graphics designer, now retired. A longtime collector of quality vintage graphics, he has over 10,000 images available - if you are looking for something in particular, he just may have it, and he welcomes inquiries!

This collage sheet and the images within it are for personal use only and available for download until Sunday, when they will magically develop watermarks. Each individual image contains copyright information. Permission to offer this digital download containing my original digital collages with Artefacts images granted by Gary Grayson.


  1. I really like the framing you did with these images...Gary

  2. Thanks, but I'm confused...are these images for personal use only, or can we make things to sell with what Gary has so generously provided...not really clear....

  3. mizdarlin - the images on the collage sheet are my collage creations featuring images I purchased from Gary, and as such, are only for personal use, as I will use my collages in my own work for sale. You are, of course, free to purchase Artefact images, and download his freebies, and create your own collages for commercial use!

  4. Wow! Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Thank you, Gary and Kathy, these are lovely!

  6. Thanks for straightening that out-I thought they were much more than just the frames you talked did a marvelous job, 'Nip!

  7. That is one gorgeous collage sheet, amazing!!! Thanks!!!

  8. Those colors are to dye (tee-hee) for. I especially love the roses. Thanks for sharing.

    Gloria, Roanoke, Virginia

  9. Thank you so much for the frames - I used one and featured the card on my blog this afternoon.

  10. Hi Kathy,

    I have just arrived here at your site following a link from Nancy Ward. Thank you so much for all of the gorgeous images that you are freely giving. I know that it is past the time stated, but is it possible for me to obtain these gorgeous Artefacts collage image sheets please? I have checked your Etsy store as I would have been happy to purchase them.



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