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Friday, January 29, 2010

Free Vintage Photo - A Man and His Fur Coat

Men don't get near the attention they should in the mixed media, collage, and free clip art realm. I think  this antique photo is captivating and unusual. The man has a Wizard of Oz kind of thing going on, and the fur coat is just over the top!  Click on the photo for a closer look - his eyes and expression are beautiful.
This is a photo from one of my BFF's (Beloved Friendly Followers), Peggy. She sent me a package of antique family photos to share with you. I have to say - the photos are wonderful and I am honored that she asked if I would want them. Thank you SO MUCH, Peggy, for every one of them! Peggy has several lovely blogs, so I'm linking to her profile.


  1. He's fabulous! Thank you for sharing, you are right about not enough face time for the men and I get so excited when I see a good 'free man!' :)
    I'm definitely saving him to use sometime soon! ~ Theresa

  2. Thank you, Theresa! Good men are free to find right here on Vintage Catnip.

  3. Well isn't he a vision to behold?!
    Might have to use that one on my Dad's father's day card....I have a stamp that say's "hope your day is fashionably fun!" That will be way to funny!!

  4. Absolutely wonderful pic! What a sweetie to share these with you, T.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Good men, "free", right here on Vintage Catnip? I WILL be back!! Nothing like a free man!
    Take care, Sue

  6. Ha, ha, Sue, I laughed out loud at your comment!

  7. Thank you Kathy and Peggy. Isn't he a dapper dandy! ~ Angela

  8. Weel, wouldn't it be nice if I said thanks to you for your kind words!!!!!!!!!!
    I just found this post!
    I was looking for a few good men!!!
    thanks so much!!

  9. This is a unique find, indeed! Love it! :)


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