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Monday, January 4, 2010

Free Vintage Photo - A Family Portrait Cabinet Card

Here is a cabinet card of my maternal great great grandparents, my great grandmother (seated to their left), and her older sisters (standing). This was taken about 1902 and suffered much damage and almost fatal fading. This is the best I could do to bring the image back to life in Photoshop Elements - it will take an expert with a more powerful program to salvage this photo, I think.

My Great Great Grandparents 1902
After Photoshop Elements.

My Great Great Grandparents 1902
Before Photoshop Elements - might be useful as a background or frame.


  1. Wow, you really pulled a lot up. I have Adobe Photoshop CS so if you want to send me the card (I will guard it was my heart) I would be happy to try and see what I can bring up for you. Sea Witch

  2. Hey Kathy.
    Thank you for asking me first !
    Please let me think about it because I have recive this question earlier.
    I make my freebies only for personal use you know. When they are sold on Etsy - Art Fire etc...Then ik rather sell them myself.
    My intention is to build a pay pall into my own domain website riandesign in the near future.
    I hope you understand this.

    If you wish you can use part FOUR of my beetle parade to create your own. Ofcourse that one you can sell. Then they will not made by me.
    Again Kathy...i hope you understand this.
    Kind regards Rian.
    (and thank you for display my button. It's realy appriciated !)

  3. me again :-)
    I have just add your button at my blog to Kathy.
    And signed is as your follower.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Amazing that you could make the image even as clear as you did! Fantastic sentimental photo! ~ Angela

  5. Thank you, Sea Witch, it's going in the mail tomorrow. It will mean a lot to my mom (as did my amateur attempt)!

    MOI Freubel - I left a note for you on your blog, and thank you for the button exchange :-)

    Filigree Moon - I am always finding new things in Photoshop Elements - I just keep clicking and undoing until something works lol.

  6. I just found you through Karen at The Graphics Fairy. Thank you for the wonderful graphics and for your tips to improve your pictures. I have added you to my blog roll as I love your posts.
    Have a wonderful 2010!!!

  7. I am wondering how your old photo turned out. Would love to see it! I too have an old photo of my great great great grandparents that is fading fast. Thank goodness for scanners and photoshop. I too am not an expert. But treasures like these must be cherished forever.

  8. Thank you so much, Kathy, for this excellent frame!



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