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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free Digital Collage Sheet - Wind Rose

As my love affair with digital collage continues, I tried my hand at a digital collage sheet (bottom of post) of my own design. It contains elements from The Graphics Fairy (pink rose), Vintage Printable (wind compass and lace), Art Freebies (script background), Antique Images (floral print background),  Shadowhouse Creations (texture background), and a stock frame from Photoshop. The collage sheet will only be available for download through Wednesday, Jan. 20th (on Thursday it will magically develop watermarks).  Click on the image for the largest size (300dpi). Happy Valentine's Day crafting!

I made some gift tags printed from the sheet. 

 I really liked the plaid ribbon (I love to mix patterns), but it was too wide for the small hole punch.  

I cut the ribbon in half lengthwise, and tugged at the edge to remove threads for a nice finish with no fraying. Probably a no-brainer, but I remember plenty of times before that I didn't think of this solution!



  1. Genius and gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, Kathy! ~ Angela

  2. I am also cavorting about with digital collage these days--isn't it fun? Your things are lovely!

  3. So pretty! Your blog has to be one of the prettiest I've seen :) Thank you for sharing these wonderful images♥

  4. So beautiful! I love your blog! I find pretty images everytime! Thank you for sharing! Lovely greetings from Spain!

  5. Thank you for creating these for us. I printed them onto a creamy cardstock. I can see them as gift tags, glued to heavy chipboard and used as an embellishment to a larger piece (with pop dots), or stitched onto a greeting card. Lovely.


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