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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free Vintage Photo - Time Passages

Today's antique photo is of my great grandfather, Clyde, as a young man. He was married to Katherine. The second photo shows him in middle age, some twenty years or more before I was born. I think his serenity and kindness was apparent in his eyes at either age, don't you?

Great Grandfather

Great Grandfather


  1. Such a dapper, kind looking man! What a wonder to have photos of your ancestors! Have a beautiful week! ~ Angela

  2. What lovely photos! I love old photogrpahs - and have hundreds of cabinet cards and daguerreotypes.

    I'm also very lucky to have some old ones of my ancestors including my Great Grandfather who was born in 1870!

    BEAUTIFUL blog with such BEAUTIFUL images ;-)

    Houdini x


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