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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Free Vintage Clip Art - Victorian Sisters in Snowstorm

From the Mammoth Story Book, two little girls huddled together against the winter snowstorm. They are bundled up in matching coats and tams, and judging from their expressions, they'd rather be anywhere else! I'm including my tinted version, just in case it appeals to anyone (my tinting skill is...undeveloped, yeah, that's a nice way to put it!) Clicking on photos below will take you to my Flickr for a variety of sizes to download.

Winter Girls

Winter Girls Tinted


  1. I've just helped myself to the sisters in a snowstorm (your beautiful tinted version). This will make some wonderful Christmas card toppers. Many thanks!


  2. hello and a huge thank you and very dear wishes from germany.
    i've spend the last hour on your wonderful blog and i'm totally overwhelmed by your fantastic works and findings.
    thank you so much for sharing your treasures!
    i really enjoyed all the vintage pictures.

    all the best

  3. You have a lovely blog. I'm a writer with a focus on history, both non-fiction and fiction. I am very picky about what I use to compliment my blogs and found the 'sisters' to be amazing and appropriate. I provided your website as an endnote and would like to invite you to read or follow my blog, [this one is] based on my upcoming Historical Novel- "Etchen in Granite", which is about a 19th Century New Hampshire Poor Farm.
    Thank you again for such wonderful images.
    Maryjane (Mj) Pettengill


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