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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Free Vintage Photo - Locket Girl

I snagged some Victorian cabinet cards on a recent antiquing jaunt, and here is my favorite - a sweet little girl posing nicely in her velvet dress, locket necklace, and crimped curly bangs. This image is cropped only, though she may appear here, again, with some additional digital magic.


  1. I adore these cabinet cards filled with faces we don't know but wish we did. Almost always somberfaced because the sittings take so long and always wearing something that is cherished. Sea Witch

  2. Sea Witch, I'm with you - and I found myself wondering about this little girl. What happened to her? What did she become? What became of her cherished locket - was it passed down through generations of her family, or did it join the detritus mix of hidden treasure in some antique/junk store somewhere?

  3. She is so sweet--and appears to be pondering some very important subject. Love your new blog Kathy--what a treat!
    Smiles, Karen

  4. What a little sweetie- thank you


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