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Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Blog Bling - Pink Rose Welcome Button

I know I'm behind the curve on the digital arts/clip art wave, and I'm doing my best to keep up and discover more links of great free goodies to share with you. Here's a newcomer to Vintage Catnip - Shabby Chic Papir Skatter! You must visit her blog to see all of the wonderfulness it contains - pages and pages of antique clip art, all free!
Today's image is watercolor-dreamy, the perfect pink rose bouquet! The original advertising art image (from her very first post) is lovely itself, but I've done some major photoshopping to this one and the result is a perfectly pink cottage style welcome button for your blog, and a blank for good measure. Be sure to left click on the image for the full size, and don't forget to check the "shrink to fit" box when you upload to your blog layout.


  1. I am thinking, this is beautiful and thank you!!

  2. Peggy - thank you, and it's one of my favorites!

  3. What gorgeous pink roses. I'm going to use them some birthday cards. Thank you.


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